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Hi I’m Keith Evans, a Norfolk originated chef who’s been cooking in the industry for over 25 years and have worked alongside some great chefs in the UK. Also having four & half years of European travels under my belt seeing and learning some of Europe’s great cuisine, and have been hosting outside catering events for the past five years.

My style of catering is very focused on flavours that will wow the tastebuds, and the combination’s rub off well on each ingredient, and each dish has its own elegant finish. It is very elegant but always packed with desirable flavours, and my philosophy on food is all about the flavours, thriving for the most beautiful-looking food, but more importantly, the taste sensation that I create.

I have built up a rapport with local suppliers for many years to provide Hidden Kitchen Catering with the highest quality and freshest locally sourced ingredients, meaning I can guarantee that there is no exception to the quality of the food my chefs and I will produce for you.

I offer a range of services, starting with an initial discussion about your thoughts on food for your occasion, and then I will personally come to your home and produce some dishes for you to taste, and then we can discuss your thoughts and ideas.

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Keith Evans - Head Chef

Our Story

Find out more about us and our story at Hidden Kitchen Catering

Here at Hidden Kitchen Catering, we are an independent catering company based in the fine city of Norwich. We are very proud to offer a first-class outside catering service, from the initial email contact to coming to your home to discuss your event and for you to taste a sample of the style of food we create. Our aim is to create the perfect taste for every dish we produce, from the humble beef burger to the fine dining experience.

As a professional catering company, we will work very closely with you, the client, to create your ideal event in East Anglia. No matter if we are creating food for a traditional family wedding breakfast or a grab-what-you-want BBQ, you will experience an exquisite catering experience.

Nothing is too small or too large, and every menu is carefully planned and then implemented with every little detail taken into consideration. When organising your event, we like you to relax and leave yourselves in our capable hands.

Our Services

Indulge in an exquisite culinary experience with our meticulously crafted menu selections, designed to elevate your event to unparalleled heights of sophistication and elegance.

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